Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020


In the video:

A pretty decent rockstar entrance … and a pulled muscle? Ouch.

The cuddliest devil wanted to know how corona was treating everyone. “It’s so weird not being able to touch you guys. One of the things I love about the Creation con is the intimacy of it all. We can touch, shake hands, put our arms around each other, talk shit.”

We got to hear about Frankie’s adventures (or misadventures). The little guy broke his toe a few weeks ago after jumping off a couch in his excitement to greet Mark (hey, who can blame him for that!) Mark’s hoping the cast will be taken off before he takes Frankie on his first flight next week because LAX will be hard enough for a first-time flyer.

Dad jokes. “What’s up? The sky.”

“Is this a Q&A?” It makes me smile every time Mark asks that. No, Mark, you clearly wandered into this room by mistake, and those people are just queueing for the buffet.

Mark didn’t want to encourage anyone to break the rules (hmmm), but pointed out that the no-touch policy didn’t really offer much protection if the advice is to stay 6ft away from a person. But he helpfully asked those with coronavirus to identify themselves.

Lucifer came out to play early on. The lights were up so Mark could see what people were thinking, read their minds, and digest their souls. I guess Markifer had to get his kicks where he could because he didn’t seem too impressed by Las Vegas if all it had to offer was gambling and marijuana: “what a boring den of iniquity.”

The first question was about Mark’s favourite way to play Lucifer. Mark likes to have fun. He gave an interesting and inspiring answer about creativity and play. And added that he likes to torture people with sarcasm. Who knew!

Mark asked what everyone thought he’d been doing in Las Vegas since he’d arrived around 4 pm the previous day. After taking a few guesses, Mark confirmed that he’d stayed in his room the whole time. What a rager! Mark went on to say that while he hadn’t been an alcoholic, he’d decided it was time to give up and has now been sober for two years — amazing!

The next question was whether people react to Mark or his character when they meet him in real life. Lois who asked the question said she’d run away from Mark before she came to her senses. Wow. That’s pretty offensive, even though she doesn’t mean to be.

I’m the guy who gets the guy who you should be running away from at night. I’m the guy who puts my Sig 220 in his face and tells him to fuck off. Or knocks him out.

Some people are a little scared of Mark. He doesn’t know if it’s him or the ‘Lucifer vibe’, but people find Lucifer funny as well as scary, and reactions from people who recognised him as Paul in Dexter were more negative. “I loved you in Dexter. You were such an asshole!”

Mark wondered what it means that Lucifer’s in The Empty and Nick is dead. Yeah. Thanks, Mark. Now we’re wondering too!

The next question was what Mark has taken away from playing Lucifer for so long. Torturing people is fun. Yup. See the previous paragraph. It’s also fun to have no boundaries and limitless ambition. Luci is an all round fun guy; no wonder everyone wants to have a beer with him.

The next part was very interesting: Mark said he is hoping to bring the element of fun to a part he has in a show he’s doing pretty soon. That’s exciting — can’t wait to find out which show he’s talking about.

We got to hear Mark’s Scottish accent … and the scoop that Ruthie is actually from Van Nuys. Uh-huh. Maybe not, but I was surprised when I heard David Haydn-Jones talking with an accent in his panel. I thought he was English.

The next question was from someone who’d written her senior thesis on Lost and wanted to know what it was like to play characters with religious themes. Mark gave an interesting and thoughtful answer, first explaining why he thinks religion is an earlier form of philosophy, then going on to talk about how everything that makes us good and human came from the first rebel, Lucifer, who’s considered evil. Although Mark played Jacob in Lost, he preferred the Man in Black’s curiosity about the world.

We found out that Mark would NOT be happy being stranded on a desert island with just one book, but if he had to pick one, it would be Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now. Good choice. That’s the book I chose for my trip to Las Vegas. It was telling watching Mark’s reactions as he tried to settle on just one title, though I’d like to know which book it was he thought he should say. The funniest part was probably Mark’s bit of fun with Twilight at the end, which sounded like something straight out of Hell.

Next up, Mark said that the best ending for Lucifer, if he were to come back in S15, would be world domination and recreating the universe in the image of his own likeness. But then he said he didn’t think that was going to happen: Lucifer is trapped in The Empty and Nick is dead. That is clearly untrue, because Lucifer was definitely alive and well and possessing Mark.

Mark believes Lucifer’s dream vessel would be RuPaul.

There were times when Mark told the writers that the lines they’d written for Nick were ‘very Lucifer’ — Nick doesn’t have Lucifer’s sense of humour.

Nick was cool at first, before he was corrupted by the desire for power. Playing evil guys like Nick doesn’t cause Mark problems because he doesn’t stay in the part all the time as he did when he was in his twenties. He talked about getting into a dark place while doing homework for the several different characters he plays in A Murder of Crows, and how it’s really not necessary to do that. It’s possible to do all the preparation but still have fun.

Lucifer was right, even if he went about promoting his cause in all the wrong ways.

Mark didn’t need to prepare to get into the role of Lucifer because he IS Lucifer. And Tom Ellis is super cool.

Mark doesn’t have fond memories of working on Moving Alan. He doesn’t really have any memories of it. Maybe he wouldn’t even believe he’d worked on that one if he didn’t see pictures of his naked ass online now and then.

If Mark can’t take the Impala (the good one, not the banged-up stunt Impala that got dented in his fight scene with Jared), then he would take one of the cages. And put strangers in there …

Mark’s never been involved in one of the pranks on the SPN set.

The two other Lucifers Mark likes are Cassifer and the president. Cassifer because Misha kept things consistent but had his own take, and the president because it was original.

Lucifer, as Mark chose to play him, loved Jack and wanted to give him what he didn’t get from his own father. He wanted his son, and he wanted power. And he didn’t get either.

Given a choice between going to heaven and hell, Mark chooses life. Living the best life he can, right here and right now.

Mark’s favourite line he’s said as Luci is ‘Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do.’

The panel ended as Mark was casting The Rocky Horror Picture Show from the actors in Supernatural, starting with Misha as Brad, Rob as Riff Raff and Ruth as Columbia.

Such a great panel! Mark gives a great mix of thoughtful answers and fun.