Mark Pellegrino’s thoughts on Dexter and evil

Q:What is your opinion of the return of Dexter to make up for that horrible finale?

“I didn’t see the finale, but I know a lot of people were disappointed with Dexter from Season Four on, it seemed like. I didn’t watch enough of it, just was like fast-forward fast-forward, my stuff, my stuff, my stuff, fast-forward, fast-forward, my stuff… I’m kidding! Look, Michael C Hall is a fine actor, and I think he can make something out of nothing, so whatever they bring to the table, he’s going to make it pretty cool. Other than that, I don’t know. When I first read the pilot of Dexter, and I did read the pilot. They wanted me to audition for a part in the pilot, I don’t remember which part, I said no. I said I’d go up for Dexter, but they said, ‘that’s taken’ but I did turn to my wife and say, ‘if this thing gets made, it’s the end of the world.’ And I take that back. And only because, the reason I said that was, because Hollywood loves lionising serial killers. They make them into something they’re not. This is the whole thing about evil I’m talking about. Serial killers are the most inept, horrible human beings — and I use that term loosely — on earth; they are incapable of really living and integrating in society. And when we make them this, when we put them on pedestals and make them brilliant geniuses, I think we generate a level of fascination with a group of people who deserve none of it it. But what I do like about that show, makes me take it back now, is it was a guy trying to control his natural impulses by values, by setting them in a strict set of rules that would channel it towards something ‘productive’, something good: killing bad guys. So, to that degree, there’s something that I like about that. I wish them the best of luck, because Michael’s a great actor and he deserves all the love.”

Mark Pellegrino, Dragon Con 2021