What’s Coming Up for Mark Pellegrino?


Ongoing: TV Talk with Mark Pellegrino, Jax Schumann and Jennifer Bouani (Ayn Rand Centre UK). 10pm (UK) (5pm Eastern) Fridays on YouTube and afterwards on Clubhouse. Next episode: 21 January (Sherlock).

Ongoing: Reality Check (with the ARI). Reality Check is a series of short videos explaining philosophical concepts in an understandable and accessible way. Next: Episode 5: Selfishness.

Book Mark Pellegrino on Cameo — highly recommended!

Ongoing: Mark Pellegrino is a co-host on The Daily Objective. 6pm (UK) weekdays. Mark’s usually a cohost on Mondays & Thursdays, and afterwards on Clubhouse.


21 January 2021: TV Talk (Sherlock)

January 2022: Filming Class of ’09

28-30 January 2022: Dallas Supernatural Convention Mark can’t attend.

26-27 February 2022: LCCSpring

19-20 March 2022: DarkLight Con 4 (Paris)

1-3 April 2022: Indianapolis Supernatural Convention

22-24 April 2022: New Jersey Supernatural Convention

7-8 May 2022 Momento Con

24-26 June 2022: Orlando Supernatural Convention

8-10 July 2022: San Francisco Supernatural Convention

29-31 July 2022: Toronto Supernatural Convention

21-23 October 2022: Vancouver Supernatural Convention

Recent activity

10-12 December 2021: Nashville Supernatural Convention

4 December 2021: Mark, Jennifer and Jax Panel on Ayn Rand Con, Ayn Rand Center Latin America.

28 November 2021: American Rust Episode 1 airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic

19-21 November 2021: New Orleans Supernatural Convention (Confirmed)

18 November: Covfefe break

7 November 2021: American Rust finale aired on Showtime

4 November 2021: Dead Talk Live

4 November 2021: Mark Pellegrino Debates Rucka — Skepticism Vs Religion: Which is Worse?

1 November 2021: Pop Culture Addicts (Podcast)

1 November 2021: 9-1-1 Season 5 Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1

29 October 2021 Top 5 Horror Movies (Podcast)

27 October 2021 Too Opinionated (Podcast)

23 October 2021: Ayn Rand Centre UK, London

18 October – 1 November 2021: Paris (inc teaching at Playhouse Paris)

15-17 October 2021: Denver Supernatural Convention

2-6 September: DragonCon Atlanta

23 August: Reality Check — Episode 4: Rights

7 August: The Hatch Podcast

3 August: Break The Cycle Podcast

3 August: 4 Ways Social Media Giants Can Address Online Harassment Culture

March-July: Filming American Rust.

23 July: Debate with Zuby

10 July: Reality Check — Episode 3: Equality

6 July: Ayn Rand Fan Club Podcast

14 June: Da Bois Podcast

11 June: Reality Check Episode 2 — Liberty

7 June: Philosophy to the People — Egoism vs Altruism

21 May: Everybody Loves Pudding Podcast

20 May: Unsafe Space Podcast (Religion)

19 May: Eliances Heroes Show Podcast

15 May: Galaxy Con

12 May: Kibbe on Liberty Podcast

7 May: Chief Chats Podcast

29 April: Your Welcome/Michael Malice Podcast

24 April: Fite 4 Liberty Podcast

23 April: Reality Check Episode 1 — Why do we think Evil is so Powerful?

20 April: Philosophy to the People: Free Speech and Cancel Culture

11 April: Philosophy to the People: Cynical Theories

9 April: Covfefe Break

3 April: Wake up with Marci

30 March: Philosophy to the People Podcast

27 March: Covfefe Break

5 March: Pop Culture Corner

19 February: Donna Drake Show

12 January: Mindscrambler Podcast

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