Mark Pellegrino on keeping the fun in acting

Includes spoilers for A Murder of Crows.

Mark was asked a question in Las Vegas about how hard it was to play evil!Nick. During his answer, Mark talked about how his approach to acting has changed over the years, explaining how he deals with things differently now than he did when he was younger.

During A Murder of Crows, Mark played several different characters. He decided a spoiler was okay, revealing he’s the killer.

I’m the bad guy, go figure!

Mark said his character’s whole thing is vengeance, and he can relate to the need for justice. They filmed in New Orleans, and Mark was walking around the city, doing the homework on his characters and journaling.

I was in this dark place, and I thought I was going to die

After a month, Mark decided it was too exhausting, and he couldn’t do it any more. As he got older, he realised it’s possible to do the homework and feel everything you need to feel, while making sure it’s still fun. Good to know!

While Nick was a little troubling from time to time, Mark said it was fun too. When you bring the play to something even that troubling, it makes it worthwhile. Nick was pretty cool before he was seduced by the dark side and corrupted by power; Mark believes Nick sincerely wanted to right a wrong, and that’s something he can get behind. There’s a similar motivation playing Lucifer because Lucifer was right (even if he went about things the wrong way).

Lucifer has a real beef, and you guys all know now: God sucks!

It’s so interesting hearing Mark talk about acting, particularly the journaling. He’s spoken previously about journaling Nick’s life — and possibly publishing the journals someday. Maybe we’ll get a chance to buy a copy after the series ends.

Watch the panel or read more text highlights: Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020.

The clip where Mark talks about this is about 25 minutes in, and it’s worth watching just for the visual comedy at the end when Mark is making it clear which god he’s talking about. He should do more comedy!

Photo: Gods and Monsters (Supernatural S14E2)