American Rust Episode 4

In Episode 3, Grace tried to convince her coworkers to form a union. Isaac skipped town, and his sister Lee is taking care of their father. Lee is on the phone with her husband one minute and hooking up with Billy, who may be involved in Novick’s murder.

Episode 4: My Name Is Billy

Isaac meets Jojo after jumping trains and introduces himself as Billy Poe. JoJo warns Isaac against travelling alone or telling anyone he’s ‘queer’ — and laughs when he tells her he’s heading to California.

Grace continues her campaign to get more than half of her coworkers on board with the union.

“We do the work that gives Gelsey his money, and we ought to share in that somehow.”

Just as Grace’s coworkers are signing her petition, the Sheriff shows up to search her home. She calls Del and gives him an earful; he didn’t know and he’s been removed from the case.

Between phone calls with her girlfriend Zoe, Jojo starts teaching Isaac how to survive on the road: stealing, prostitution, eating discarded food.

Del talks to Billy, who’s hanging around Lee and helping Henry English, and warns him to stay away from home until the search is over.

Lee tries to connect with her old friends while looking out of place.

Del and Virgil seem like unlikely drinking buddies, but that doesn’t show Virgil showing up with a beer for Del.

Just a little visit? Yet again, Virgil is there for Grace when she doesn’t know he’s there.

“Nobody sends me nowhere”

He might not have been the best husband and dad, but it sounds like Virgil loves his son.

“What fucking case?”

Virgil and Del are on the same side here, but they’re going about it differently — and Virgil’s had enough.

Billy tells Lee what happened in the mill. He went in after Pete Novick and got into a fight with Pete and his drug dealer. Isaac followed Billy in and hit Pete when he reached for a knife.

Billy tells Lee that he wont tell a soul.

“You want me to thank you? Tell you you’re a hero? You’re not a hero. You’re worthless. You’re worse than that. You’re bad luck. And it rubs off on everything you touch. Do not come anywhere near me again.”

That could’ve gone better! The way it’s going, half the town is going to be in trouble over this. It looks like Isaac killed Pete; Billy is covering up for him; Del is covering up for Billy, and now Lee knows the truth. It’s a mess — but it makes for good TV!

Billy returns home, but sleeps outside in a tent.

After listening to Jojo talking to Zoe about him, Isaac tells her his real name.

The Sheriff is closing in on Billy and gives Del twelve hours to bring him in. It looks like Billy and Del are both out of time.

This was a great episode. I love how quickly that escalated, and how entwined all the different characters’ storylines are. Del is getting desperate; what will he do next? Did Isaac really kill Pete? I hope we get to see more of Virgil in episode five!