Mark’s real father

Mark told a story in Germany about having grown up thinking he was Italian, but it turns out he’s actually German.

When he was 23, his mother was looking through photos of Mark and his girlfriend from a vacation in Hawaii and told him he looked just like Jerry. Mark’s father’s name was Bill…

His mother went on to explain that she’d had a relationship with Jerry after splitting up with Bill, got back with Bill, had Mark, and then got divorced when Mark was two. His whole life, Mark had thought Bill was his father.

Fast forward a few years to 2020 and Mark discovered on an check that he didn’t have a drop of Italian blood in him and asked the Supernatural family for help in finding his real father. An hour later, he had an answer via Teresa!

Sadly, Mark’s father passed away in 2009, so he didn’t get to meet him. Mark already knew from his mother that his father was a musician, the president of the bank she worked at in Pasadena, and that he spoke several languages fluently. He found out he has a sister too.

Mark said he doesn’t know why he wasn’t curious to find out who his real father was when he was in his twenties, because he was a great guy and he could’ve met him.