Mark Pellegrino talks about Lucifer’s Daddy Issues

Did Lucifer love Jack, or was he just after his power? That’s one of the questions Mark was asked in Las Vegas. Mark asked the audience whether we think Lucifer has a conscience before explaining the choice he made.

Because Lucifer has such deep daddy issues, Mark thinks Lucifer wanted to give his own son what he didn’t get from his father. So in that respect, there was a deep connection and a deep love. But Lucifer wanted power too, because — like humans — he’s complicated and multidimensional with psychological baggage. And because Lucifer did love Jack, the betrayal was even more painful when Jack teamed up with Sam and Dean — and that’s what made Lucifer go off the deep end.

Watch the panel or read more text highlights: Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020

Photo: Let the Good Times Roll, Supernatural S13E23