Mark Pellegrino as Gavin Q. Baker III — up in the air

Mark’s fourth episode of The Closer, Fresh Pursuit (Season 7 Episode 10), starts in the courtroom.

Goldman doesn’t stand a chance with Gavin Q. Baker III on Brenda’s side!

It’s even better watching Brenda on the receiving end of Gavin’s snark. This whole scene is wonderfully well-written and acted, but Gavin’s last line is delivered to perfection.

So Gavin got the case thrown out — was there ever any question he’d win? But the department still has a leak, and that crisis is closer than they think because Goldman has filed a federal lawsuit against Brenda.

‘Well, that’s good news isn’t it,’ to quote our favourite attorney, because it means Gavin gets to stick around a little longer! More on that tomorrow with clips from You Have the Right to Remain Jolly (S7E12).

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