Mark Pellegrino would never joke about rape

One of the false accusations that has been levelled at Mark in the past is that he made a joke about rape during a panel at a con. He wouldn’t do that. But he also doesn’t feel the need to take the joy out of his fans’ harmless fanfiction fantasies. Here’s what happened:

I simply don’t understand those. Here’s what happened… perhaps you can tell me (understand that pretty much everyone who made a big deal out of it wasn’t even there) so… if I remember correctly I was in a public Q&A… someone asked me what Sam and I did in the cage. Now I knew there was lots of fan fiction about Sam and Lucifer having a sexual relationship.. so I said something like, if you noticed Sam was walking funny for the next few episodes… you know what we did… most people laughed. I never said it wasn’t consensual… and that was it.. it was towards the end of the Q&A and everyone applauded and that was that. Then I started to get harassed about making a ‘rape’ joke. Now, you have to understand, I would never ‘joke’ about rape… I knocked a man out in the street who was trying to rape a woman.. I’ve had relatives who were sexually assaulted… I’ve even thought the death penalty should be brought back for rape… that’s how seriously I take it… so I didn’t understand how a play in fan fiction was interpreted to mean a joke about rape. Joking about such a serious thing would never occur to me in a million years… but they kept saying that’s what I did… I can’t apologize for what I did NOT do… I can apologize for what I did… I ALWAYS come clean if I do wrong… because it’s the right thing to do…