Nick’s makeup was more painful to remove than Lucifer’s

What was the makeup routine like when Lucifer’s vessel was deteriorating?

“It was a really simple one. They put this gel on there, and they pushed it around so it looked like holes, then painted in the scabs. The whole thing probably took about 35, 45 minutes. I thought the real painful makeup job was the one where Nick gets all burned up. That was fairly unpleasant. That was a lot of prosthetic applications of pieces. It’s not so bad putting it on; it’s the taking it off that’s awful because they have to peel it off, but they peel it off with this toxic oil-based horrible chemical, and it’s just all over your body by the time they’re done. It gets in your eyes, your mouth; it feels like you’ve been slimed. It’s pretty awful. But they did a great job. The original makeup was quite simple and elegant.”

Mark Pellegrino, Dragon Con (Friday) 2021

There was also a funny part at the start when the panel didn’t all catch the question.

Moderator (asking for the question to be repeated): “Since you have the mic condoms, you may need to speak a little louder”

Mark: “I wasn’t going to say that out loud, but that was definitely in my mind. Do you change these mic condoms after each use? So this is a fresh mic condom?”

Moderator: “Yes. Every time, I promise!”

Mark: “Crowley hasn’t used this mic condom?”

Moderator: “He has not.”

Mark: “Thank dad!”