Mark Pellegrino as Gavin Q. Baker III — daddy say yes

The Shootin’ Newton saga continues in Mark’s third episode as Gavin Q. Baker III — and Gavin shows interest in one of Brenda’s other cases, giving us some of the most delightful scenes in the whole of season 7 of The Closer.

Gavin is up against a lawyer whose face will be familiar to Supernatural fans!

The opposing lawyer offers a low settlement in the suit against Brenda, but he doesn’t get the reactions he’s hoping for — particularly from Gavin.

The city is all for accepting the offer, but Gavin doesn’t want anyone to rush in. Mark gives Gavin a wonderful air of peppy confidence and supreme intelligence that makes it seem he’s already three steps ahead of everyone else. He probably is.

Gavin’s such a fanboy and Mark makes him totally adorable. What a contrast from the sharp attorney who is all about winning! It’s only Gavin’s third episode, but we’re already getting to know him.

Gavin’s not the only one enjoying the interview as a form of entertainment, but Mark’s expressions and reactions are the best.

Gavin was right to be cautious about the settlement offer — it’s what’s NOT in the settlement that would cause problems for Brenda. Go Gavin! Gavin’s love for gossip is so endearing. I’d love to see more of that side of him.

Mark appears next in Fresh Pursuit (S7E10), which I’ll post clips from tomorrow.

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