Mark Pellegrino as Gavin Q. Baker III — a ticking clock

Mark’s second episode of The Closer is Death Warrant (S7E8). Brenda’s husband Fritz has secretly paid the $25k retainer so that Gavin will represent Brenda in the Shootin’ Newton case — Brenda thinks the Chief is covering the fee.

Gavin’s may regret his willingness to be economical with the truth because Brenda isn’t making his life easy. She doesn’t have any respect for Gavin’s schedule and hasn’t told her team he’s there to speak with them. Gavin gives Brenda the most personable hurry up, with a reminder that time is money. It might be more effective if Brenda knew whose money that is.

Questioning the members of Brenda’s team does not look like a fun task for Gavin. He didn’t need a definition of lousy day to know what one feels like.

Mark is the master of speaking without words. I think Gavin’s going to need more than a coffee!

Mark shows us a little more of Gavin’s personality as he sees Brenda in action. It looks like he’s enjoying it at first, but he soon realises his client doesn’t play by the rules.

At least one of Brenda’s team is willing to share some information — about Ding Dongs. Mark’s expression is brilliant! I would love to know what Gavin was thinking at that moment.

Gavin is a wonderful contradiction. He seems so fluffy and light with his friendly flamboyant style, so it’s awesome to see his absolute conviction in his ability to win the case. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to watch Gavin in action in the courtroom!

The next episode Mark appears in is Star Turn (S7E9), which includes Mark’s funniest scene in the show — check back tomorrow for clips.

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