Mark Pellegrino cannot choose just one book…

“If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one book from your library that you would take with you?”

“Didn’t you see Lost?”

What a question to ask a book lover!

Mark took a while to make a decision. He said straight away that it wouldn’t be Ayn Rand, as many people might think, but narrowing it down from a few to just one was a tough challenge.

One book. Just one. You are so fucked up. You are killing me.

Mark knew what he should say, but couldn’t say that honestly, which is intriguing. Why would there be a book he should say?

After mentally reviewing his library, Mark settled on Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now, because although he’s on a desert island and might not know if the apocalypse hit, he still wants to be inspired. After hearing non-stop about the coronavirus, everything being cancelled, being reminded what’s possible through the power of human reason in inspiring.

It’s a great choice, though as there wasn’t a lot of recognition in the audience, Mark pretended to change his answer to Twilight with a charming parody. He’s obviously a secret fan of the series.

Maybe reading Enlightenment Now can bring some hope and inspiration to Mark during the current coronavirus lockdowns and other insanities.

Watch the panel or read more text highlights: Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020

Photo: Lost, S5Ep17, The Incident Part 2