Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

This is Mark’s first episode of Supernatural. In his first scenes, Mark is Nick — a distraught dad and husband who’s grieving for his family.

Nick enters a spooky-looking home and seems to be losing his mind with hallucinations, first of being covered in blood and then of his dead wife.

While packing away a box of toys, he hears crying on the other end of a baby monitor — but the crib is empty. Nick is broken and the emotion in this episode is palpable.

Lucifer appears to Nick in a dream in the form of his wife, Sarah. Lucifer wants to take control of Nick’s mind and body — and somehow persuades Nick to say yes. Which is great for us, as it means Mark stayed around for a lot more episodes!

Lucifer the Lightbringer sure knows how to make an entrance!

Sarah/Lucifer is played by Bellamy Young, who was also in The Bandit/Joint Body with Mark.