Mark Pellegrino is two years sober

In his Saturday panel, Mark challenged the audience to guess what he’d been doing since he’d arrived in Las Vegas around 4 pm on Friday. He got a few Vegas-style guesses: gambling, drinking, prostitutes.

“You know I’m married, right, to the toughest woman on the planet?”

Mark Pellegrino, SPN Las Vegas 2020

But no, Mark stayed in his room the entire time, face-timed his dog, tried to watch Doctor Sleep, and ordered room service from an iPad next to his bed without interacting with anyone. That’s almost as rock and roll as saying he’d pulled a muscle after making a rockstar entrance to his panel.

Mark went on to say he’s been sober for two years, which is awesome! Even though he didn’t think he was an alcoholic, Mark liked alcohol enough that he thought it was time to say enough.

Watch the panel or read more text highlights: Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020