Anarchists, minarchists and capitalists

Mark has been having some fascinating conversations on Twitter this week. I found his replies in this exchange particular helpful regarding the difference between the minarchist and capitalist approach to a limited government.

“Again the differences [between Capitalist Party and Libertarian Party policies] are in ethics and their consistent application. The Libertarian ‘platform’ looks like a blue print for constitutional conservatism. However, Consistent Libertarians are anarchists or minarchists. Anarchists believe the state is evil. Minarchists a necessary evil. Capitalists understand the state is a necessary good to the extent it is a proper one, ie one that restrains ALL force by the enforcement of rights respecting laws. Anarchists think the state will always end in tyranny because they don’t understand the role ethics plays In the establishment of gov. There is no possible scenario for the anarchist’s acceptance of a gov BECAUSE it subordinates his individual will to use force as he sees fit to laws that he may find repugnant (even if rights respecting)”

“The LP posts a conservative platform its intellectuals don’t abide by. Consistent Libertarians would ban government. We would not. Consistent libertarians would privatize force. We would not. Consistent libertarians would claim contracts are non binding, we would not. The LP party lacks a moral foundation to its policies, ours does not. The LP welcomes all types of political philosophies into its tent, we do not.

Mark Pellegrino