Sympathy for the Devil

A guest post by Rose Richards

Sympathy for the Devil – Happy b day Mark Pellegrino

Lucifer. Lightbringer. Devil. Satan. Morningstar. Dark Prince. 

Played by Mark Pellegrino, debuting in season 5, Lucifer became and is my favorite character of all time. 

Before we realized the Apocalypse was on the table, quickly we discover Lucifer was behind everything that has been happening from the start. Our fandom is so powerful, that a hashtag #LuciferIsComing trended on Twitter right before season five made its premiere, and because a lot of unaware people on Twitter started a #GodIsHere, both ended up being banned. The Supernatural fandom is quite powerful. 

As we know from the Biblical lore, Lucifer is the second born to God, and he was God’s favorite. He had a strong bond with his older brother, Michael. Supernatural didn’t change much from the Bible we know but added a few details that I will be discussing here. 

The Devil can certainly show and appear in many forms, and his first appearance is suburb. In the first episode he is in “Sympathy for The Devil”, my favorite song from my favorite band, made all the sense to me, because I have that sympathy.

The episode delivers Nick, a human that went through loss and pain recently, has this visions and dreams, and he thinks his wife is back, but Lucifer took her figure saying he was an angel.

“Please allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Lucifer.”

Right after, Nick showed his sass and I dare to say he was the perfect Vessel for Lucifer.  

I don’t think it was pure manipulation, because the Devil was honest towards Nick, saying he needed to take control of his mind and body. “Don’t be afraid, this is your choice.” The angels need consent before entering a human’s body, unlike the demons that possess. 

Lucifer explains to Nick that he is misunderstood, that his crime was loving God too much; and if he even cared a bit for his creation, he shouldn’t allow for misery, pain, or unjust things to happen. Nick followed his heart for revenge and justice and said Yes to Lucifer. This is the beginning. 

When two episodes after, we discover a big revelation, Lucifer masked as Jess, Sam’s girlfriend that died, interesting how the Devil likes to take the form of the loved ones of the people he is trying to reach out to, some may call it manipulation, I call it an act of simply trying to get people to understand his side, because he has spent years away in a cage locked like an animal, and people only see him as a monster. Anyway, the big revelation takes place, Sam is Lucifer’s true vessel. What I like about this episode, is we see how calm and chill he is, that he won’t even lie or trick Sam, but he knows he will say yes to him, and I think Sam knew it deeply no matter how hard he tried to deny. 

In a distant dystopian reality, Dean faces Sam as Lucifer and learns the story about he fell from Heaven, and what I love about this conversation, is the arguments that Lucifer used. First, we see another part of the Devil, a more Prince aristocrat attitude, a Dark Prince that admires the beauty of Earth, that was right about the human race, because “Look at what 6 billion of you did”, we are indeed flawless and murderous. This may be a tv show, but Lucifer’s words touched me the first time I listened to them because if we take a minute to analyze the facts, he is correct.

Lucifer tried to persuade Castiel, who fell too, to join him, he wants more than anything to have someone on his side, I believe he is just lonely. 

“I was a son. A brother, like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day, I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael… Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own. Tell me something Sam, any of this sound familiar?”

This quote from episode ten “Abandon all Hope” is probably my favorite because one can relate; being the black sheep in the family, what did Lucifer do wrong than being true to his mind, following his free will?

But it is with Gabriel, his little brother, that we see a different side of the Devil. Gabriel is the only one that can make Lucifer feel like really feel. Lucifer is yet a boy, that spent too many years without having any contact, he is still a child at heart, hurt by his father, and brother, that needs acceptance and love. He is driven by hurt, revenge, and hate to do all of these things. He didn’t want to kill Gabriel; his tears are solid proof. Hell, he didn’t want to fight Michael or neither to cause the apocalypse. When Michael and Lucifer finally confront in what was supposed to be the finale of Supernatural, “Swan Song”, the Devil confirms why doing all of this, another test, killing each other, just because it is written? Michael blindly followed the absent father, because he wanted to be the good son, but Lucifer was smarter than that, yet loving his family, especially his Dad, he is an individualist figure, to achieve happiness and thrive, one must not bow to anyone, neither following blind rules, but the mind, and putting oneself first, rather the other. That is what I love about Lucifer. 

As Mark Pellegrino said once, “Who cares what they think, it’s your joy/life, embrace it.”

Lucifer returns in season seven, as a hallucination, from Sam, the name given “Hallucifer”, we learn another side of Lucifer, the goofy, clown, that likes to play and torture Sam Winchester…is it cruel that I enjoyed this and didn’t feel pity of poor Sammy? Ha! Besides, he sings “Stairway to Heaven”, and the Devil has good music taste. The bonus from these moments was to see Lucifer and Sam working together in “Repo Man”, they quite make the perfect team.

Season eleven finally brings our Devil back, and it’s one of my favorite seasons. The last episode of season ten, brought to our knowledge, the truth about how Lucifer changed. The Mark of Cain, the first curse and serving as lock and key to the Darkness, is revealed later as God’s sister. There was this battle between God and the archangels to seal Darkness away, and God trusted Lucifer with this mark, and it started to curse Lucifer, corrupting him; jealousy of men, we know how that ended, Lucifer was banished to hell. And Cain received that mark, becoming the first Killer, killing his brother Abel to save his soul to Heaven. Cain was the first Knight of Hell.

Lucifer is the Lightbringer, the most beautiful angel created, and the mark did its curse, amplifying what was already there yes, but I dare to say, Lucifer was right.

Alright, enough of Sympathy For The Devil, shall I begin to write about season eleven. This season has my two favorite episodes, “O Brother Where Art Thou?” and “The Devil in the Details“. With the Darkness released, we knew Lucifer was coming soon. The Winchesters, more Sam, had visions about the word of God, and God said Lucifer was helpful during the fight against Amara – The Darkness, so be it. They visited Lucifer in the cage. I have gotta say, Lucifer’s entrance this season is perhaps the best of him. His red eyes are shown in the dark, and he slowly comes forward and hangs on those bars of the cage, chilly, seductive, and powerful, he is the Devil we know. Welcome, Mark! 

Surprise surprise, it wasn’t God doing all of the talking…but Lucifer himself. So I guess the Devil is always on our side huh? 

My perspective on these cage scenes, is we get to see the part of the archangel that is the “Devil”, he is scary here. I didn’t feel that before, not even in season five although is the original Lucifer and is brilliant. Plus – we have a Satan Santa. Pun pun. Who wouldn’t like a Devil as Santa? And a cage party!

He confirms he isn’t here to torture Sam but to make an offer he can’t refuse, because he needs Lucifer. So, they travel to the past, to glorious moments of the Sam Winchester that our Devil knew. Bold, decisive, a hero that even beat Lucifer himself. The speech that he gave Sammy was so brilliant, mentioning how overcome by guilty both brothers were, they would do anything to save each other, even if it meant putting the world at risk – innocents dying. Even though Lucifer is not innocent, this lecture was right. See? The Devil doesn’t lie. He doesn’t have to. Hey, “Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do”. He can beat the Darkness, can he? Let’s find out. 

Sam didn’t allow any more devilish tricks, so he said “No” to Luci, which gave us “Casifer”, apparently Cas trusted Lucifer in fighting the Darkness.

What was shown to us? That the Devil can’t trust anyone still, and I don’t blame him; he killed Rowena because she was the only one that could open the cage. Of course, a lot of angels don’t trust him, and he comes in peace, but oh well snappy snappy the angels are gone. Don’t question the Devil…

Appreciating how Lucifer loves earth, missed this creation, he admires the little things, nature, the peace. It’s amazing to see Misha portraying Lucifer, but I gotta say, I’d love to have Mark in those scenes.

Next, we have a scene with Casifer in Heaven, throwing the best hits of mankind to his brothers, making them question how good humans are. “Evil incarnate”, one of the angels said to Lucifer, oh oh, it’s pure marketing of God – he counterargues. Analyzing this conversation, we understand that all of the angels have the same formatted mind, and Lucifer is the only one that has a mind of his own – I’m sorry but this is beautiful, no matter how twisted and manipulative he can be sometimes!

For a moment I thought Casifer had the darkness, but nope, this time she takes advantage and tortures his nephew, to catch God’s attention, she wants to have a chat with her brother, and since Lucifer was the favorite…

The great moment of this season comes in episode twenty-one, Chuck is God. And ladies and gentlemen…he said “Lucifer was never a villain”. There was something about the way he said it, that made me think he was regretting everything. When Lucifer is rescued, Chuck heals him. What happens in the next episode, is one of the best Supernatural moments. Oh, I wish Mark was indeed acting with Rob in this scene. So, we have God and Lucifer in the bunker, and the Winchesters in the middle of it…Lucifer is throwing a big tantrum, although his Dad healed him, he is waiting for something much more important than that. He decides to lock himself in the room, listening to “Day Of The Eagle by Robin Trower”, he certainly is a teenager in his metal/hard rock phase rebelling against his parents. 

They finally manage to sit together, with a little help from the Winchesters, “It’s hard to argue with your Dad when your Dad it’s God”, well, Lucifer just wanted an apology, he feels betrayed, hurt, he was only a child, his son, and God is trying to do it, meanwhile arguing he had to do what he had to do because the mark only showed what was already there, and he had to protect his creation, Lucifer says he understands being God and all and do his job, but he sucked at being a Father. Even Sam agreed that Lucifer was right because he wants an apology and Chuck was too concerned about being right. Deep down, he knew he failed and didn’t want to admit that.

When Lucifer confirms that Chuck forsook him, he finally admits his actions, and that Lucifer was his favorite. The mark was given to Lucifer, because he loved him the most, and he thought he was strong enough to bear it. Chuck couldn’t stand watching his choice taking away the son he cherished the most, the fact he was wrong, he didn’t want to admit. God finally made a truthful apology to Lucifer.

In the battle, Amara ripped Lucifer out of Castiel’s body, and we don’t see Lucifer anymore.

The eleventh season started Lucifer’s redemption arc.

Season twelve begins, as Lucifer jumps into several vessels, but none is strong enough to contain him, he poses as a figure of a dead loved one, to persuade Vince – a rock star to say “Yes” to him. Again…it’s strange to me re-watching this and not finding Mark playing Lucifer. He didn’t watch the show, and the lack of the original mannerisms…even Misha rehearsed and succeeded…hum hum, I gotta say, it was a different Lucifer. But as I rewatch these scenes, I see a hurt Lucifer, and a Devil that is desperate for attention, so maybe there is a reason why he chose a rock star. Damn, I’d love to have Mark as Rockstar Lucifer. Because well Mark rocks.

Lucifer wants to be loved, be worshiped. Vince is loved, but Lucifer is not. “I need love, I had a jacked childhood.” One thing about Lucifer, when he is hurt, he does reckless things. He is broken.

When the Winchesters and Cas, manage to talk to Vince – Lucifer, alone, Sam doesn’t understand why he is doing all of this after God’s apology, which confirms that Lucifer not only wanted his apology, but he wanted a moment with his old Dad, saying he ditched him again crying. 

I may ask you reader if you were in Lucifer’s shoes, would you feel the same? 

He is just a child, that just wanted love and acceptance. Everyone is flawed and deserved a second chance. But it’s hard when no one gives you that chance because that is corrupted by an opinion. 

Lucifer says all of this is meaningless, this speech is highly nihilist, because he has nothing to lose.  

Next on, he continues to possess high-ranking people, a priest that was a CEO of everything, and to the…President of United States. And with LOTUS…came a Nephilim. Maybe Lucifer was too bored? No, I strongly believe he wanted to create something, to be a Dad. At the end of the LOTUS episode the Winchesters along with Cas, Crowley, and Rowena…and a fine instrument from the BMOL, expel Lucifer out of the President…well to the cage.

So, it seemed.

Now my favorite part, at last. In the last minutes of episode twelve, we hear Crowley talking to someone that is locked up. Obviously that I, immediately recognized that voice. Welcome the fuck back Mark. 

The fun begins…

We discover that Lucifer wasn’t sent back to the cage (gladly) but he finally returned to Nick, now a vessel improved. Crowley wanted his revenge. “Oh, my dad” is the expression. No one can portray Lucifer as Mark Pellegrino. 

The Devil is now busy, although still in chains, he can contact the rest of the Princes of Hell, to protect his son; as well his interactions with Crowley are the best moments in this season. 

Finding out that Crowley is in control of his vessel now, things begin to get interesting, as we are dying to know who will win this time. We see a very confident and snarky Luci, to a submissive, defeated one. Learning the vessel healed and ready, Lucifer has the help of one demon to crack the security system, which leaves Crowley with the leverage of controlling him. Dagon is helping Lucifer with his son, but she loses Kelly to the Team Free Will, which made Lucifer scream. One piece of advice…don’t make the Devil angry. 

When Lucifer learns Dagon was killed, he pressures the demon to work fast on his release. Nevertheless, Lucifer ends up taking control of Crowley. He is now free, out looking for his son, we see Lucifer shining as the Lightbringer. In this beautiful cinematographic landscape at the end of episode twenty-one. 

Sam and Dean were completely unaware that Lucifer wasn’t in the cage, and they discover he is on earth, wearing Nick as his vessel, looking for his son. 

In the last episode of season twelve, we see a very…murderous Lucifer. Well, he is about to be Dad right? I can tell he was very excited to raise his son. Killing the only person that could open the cage, made sense to him. 

Kelly is with Cas, and the birth of Jack – Lucifer’s son (the name was given by Kelly), is now close. The event is so massive and powerful, that it opened a rift to a strange alternate universe, a reality that went through an Apocalypse. Alternate realities exist. The rest of the team joined Cas and Kelly to help her during the delivery, unfortunately, it is known she will die after it. Lucifer makes his devilish appearance, he is unbreakable, knowing no one could send him back to the cage, and that they can’t kill him either. They host a plan to attract the Devil to the rift, where Crowley makes a spell to trap Lucifer in the forsaken place, but for the spell to work, Crowley kills himself. Lucifer kills Cas and drags Mary – who bravely defends his boys, and Lucifer gets trapped in the Apocalypse world with Mary. The archangel is now angrier than ever because he won’t see his son being born.

Mark said we were gonna hate Lucifer in this season finale, well I didn’t. I wanted Luci to win.

The thirteenth season continues what I thought we were going to have for Lucifer – his redemption arc. Because every villain in this show had one, so why not Lucifer, that started to change slowly, especially when God apologized to him? 

The first two episodes show a frustrated Lucifer in the Apocalypse world, with Mary walking around and around to find an exit. When they introduced us to the new villain in town, the archangel Michael from that universe. He captures our Lucifer and tortures him, slashing him in the face with his worst fear: being locked up again.

He uses Lucifer to obtain his grace, to execute a spell that allows Michael to travel to the main world. And thankfully Luci manages to escape to this new open rift that Kevin from AU created.

Lucifer is now back on earth, powerless and weak to a state, even when tried to confirm his identity to this woman, nothing seemed to work…finally reunites with Cas, that notices how weak he is, a scared Lucifer tells Cas how powerful and different this Michael is, and what he plans to do to this planet. Lucifer tells Cas that he is not the same, and he wants to save the world. The lack of grace in his body is starting to show Lucifer some emotions. The Devil learns his son’s name is Jack and senses how strong he is, that his powers need to be perfectly channeled. Asmodeus comes in the last minutes, knowing he could get his revenge against Lucifer, and he captures both Luci and Cas, and…our devil is again locked up. Can he get a break, please?

In episode twelve, we have interesting back and forth conversations between Lucifer and Cas, that lead to some harsh truths about Jack towards Lucifer, a plan to get the Devil mad, so they can finally get the hell out of that prison. Plus: I love Luci and Cas fighting as a team. 

But since our beloved Devil killed Cas last season, Cas learned from his mistakes and he doesn’t trust Lucifer anymore to give him some of his grace to get stronger. 

In “Devil’s Bargain”, my favorite from this season, Lucifer is confronted with some human emotions. Not only killed a cupid to get more grace, but he is also now hungry, lonely, and cold; lost amongst humans. To get a simple burger, he learns from a man how to panhandle, but he needs to drop his devilish attitude a bit…although I just love to see this side of him. We also see gratitude from Lucifer, towards this man. The Devil is now aware of this Faith Healer, called Sister Jo, yes, an angel, named Anael. Just what he needed! They met at the church, she immediately recognizes him, and she begins to tell him the story after the fall, she is a businesswoman, meanwhile, most angels were desperate, Anael listened and traced a plan to survive. Being so clever, she made a pact with Lucifer, he would feed on her grace, and he would help her.

Knowing Luci was a bit careless after killing the cupid, they move to a motel. Anael and Lucifer have a very seductive and sensual moment, while he feeds on her, and they fell to the bed talking about human emotions. Anael explains to him that she was nobody in Heaven, but she found her purpose on earth, she was finally free; Lucifer didn’t like to experience those human sensations, and he never felt truly free, he always wanted to fit in and please, to belong, and it was never given to him. Lucifer now fears he will screw up with Jack, like his own Dad. He wishes to be soon powered up and feared, so he can find his son and meet him. 

Anael and Lucifer join forces together and forge a team, after escaping from TFW and Ketch, the plan is now to rule Heaven and make it right by making more angels. Lucifer shows how much he wants to create and to fit in Heaven, he is now king, baby!

I think it was about time things started to run smoothly and well for the archangel. 

Four episodes left with our Lucifer, and this part is gonna break my heart.

In Heaven things are not going as planned, Lucifer’s priority is to find his son, and he feels like no angel respects him as his ol’ Man. The Devil is still a child at heart that needs love and worship because he lacks it. After advice from Anael, he tries to listen to some prayers and helps during an exorcism, where a demon is possessing a young girl, there are two priests and one is not that holy…but Lucifer expels the demon out of the body and patiently awaits a compliment or a simple “Thank you” from the priests, albeit saying he is Lucifer, they don’t believe it for a second affirming how the Devil corrupted the mankind and that is the beast. The archangel defends himself confirming that God created the perfect marketing by making him the ultimate villain. The priests try to exorcise the Devil himself, and Lucifer tries hard to spare them…and make them understand his side, but he ends up smiting them.

Returning to Heaven, he vents with Anael, about how humans don’t like him, and nothing in this universe is worthy of his talents, she tries to reason with him, and he confesses that is bliss is fatherhood, so he must focus on finding Jack, but Lucifer lied about making Heaven right, he can’t create angels or giving wings to the ones that exist. Anael freaks out and smashes right in the face, that Lucifer is a complete failure and he has nothing and he is afraid to face Jack knowing when that happens, he will hate his own father. Lucifer shows his red eyes and almost kills Anael, but lets her go, but she walks away from him, abandoning him. Can’t pretend I don’t feel sorry for Lucifer, because she used him to get to a higher rank in Heaven, before it she was no one, she used the archangel status to get there. I think Lucifer, despite his flaws only needed someone there to back up and support him, but once again loneliness grabs Lucifer. Now…there is a scene I must talk about, they didn’t release this in the show, it was a deleted scene and it follows the archangel after this last scene in Heaven. It’s night, Lucifer is walking alone in an alley, and a woman finds him crying – they cut because this would make us think the redemption was coming – yeah not really. We can understand the Devil is completely alone, no one believes in him, everyone treats him as a beast, and well fresh news he has feelings. Underneath the cold murderous guy, there is a child desperate to feel love, to belong, in his family, but no one gives him the chance. Lucifer says he doesn’t know where to go. He is lost.

Next scene, we find Lucifer and a fake bartender that is Gabriel, drinking and venting about the fact he had Hell and Heaven and nothing mattered, he gives a new nihilistic speech, he is hurt, broken, but acknowledges that Jack was the only thing that was important to him, but he hasn’t been feeling him – Jack is in the AU. Lucifer senses Kelly poisoned his son against him, and realizes soon the bartender is his brother Gabriel, surprised, Lucifer tries to escape the bar unsuccessfully, Rowena enters the scene – Lucifer again speechless because he had killed both, they trap him, and he begins to cry, Gabriel shows the archangel blade – the only weapon capable of killing an archangel by the hands of an archangel – I think this is one of the biggest plot holes because in thirteen seasons they only show us this weapon now. Lucifer is losing hope, he said “Put me out of my misery go ahead”. His suffering is intense, he has nothing. 

Lucifer is kidnapped to the bunker, where TFW waits for a spell. They need his grace to go and save Mary and Jack from AU. They explain to Lucifer their plan – once again the Devil is used, I can’t say I don’t blame TFW, I know the bad things Lucifer did to them, but truth is, he has been proving he can change, slowly, but he can. I’m screaming, I wish I could save the Devil. Rowena stays with him, while he is trapped and his grace is being drained. But Lucifer begins to piss Rowena and turns out, rage is a good motivator for Lucifer to be powered up, when Rowena twists the knife back, she confirms Jack is in the AU, and Lucifer admits that he was feeling down because he had nothing to live for, but now he does – his son.

So Rowena tries to escape from the hands of the Devil but she blasts him into the rift. Lucifer is now back there.

Sam is killed by vampires, and Lucifer brings him back, after eating a few of Michael’s angels, he admits to Sammy that he changed, he wants a relationship with Jack. In the final minute, Sam walks to the camp, alive, and Lucifer follows behind, facing Jack “Hello son.”

Last but one episode, the group faces the truth that Lucifer brought Sam back, and talks to his son, Lucifer joins the team, to meet his son and help in the fight against Michael. We have a glimpse of the brotherly love that Gabriel has still for his brother Lucifer, he couldn’t kill him with the blade, and this argument made Jack leave.

Finally reunited, Jack meets with Lucifer, with Cas, and his son asks him questions, why does everyone hate his dad, what happened, and Lucifer tells him he did things he is not proud of, he says that Kelly was nothing like most humans, she was incorruptible, and that Lucifer spent most of his time locked in the cage, how could he do all of this evil if he was locked up? Lucifer confirms that Chuck did that because he couldn’t accept his failures and punished him like he didn’t matter, banished, gone. In the end, he confirms Cas is right, he did thing horrible things, but in the end, he just wants the opportunity to get better, doesn’t everyone?

I can see that Luci really wants to change, and this could be the perfect path to his redemption arc.

Jack is enthusiastic about meeting his real father and interested to know about his family. He says to TFW that Lucifer is his dad and he wants to talk to him, to know him.

There are some interesting moments around this episode, Lucifer kills some angels to protect the group, and Lucifer introduces Jack to Gabe – his uncle, remembering the good old days, but Gabe fights back about the fact their Dad wasn’t bad, and Lucifer wasn’t a victim. Which…is wrong. But we will get there. 

It’s night, and Gabe and Luci are back to defend the place if any angels show up, Lucifer is somehow bored, he wants to be with his son, and Gabriel acts harshly saying that Jack wouldn’t want a bad influence, and Lucifer confirms he changed, but his brother knowing him since the universe was made, said he can’t change, because he lives to be feared or worshiped, that he is incapable of empathy or love, and Lucifer broken tells his brother that Dad locked him up and invented some lies about him. Gabe agrees with the action of their Dad because Lucifer is evil and Chuck needed to stop the cancer to spread even more, but it was too late then, and it is too late now – Lucifer drops a tear, but hides his face. Gabriel is the only one capable of making Lucifer this way. These brothers share a deep love bond, above all. 

I want to hug Lucifer.

Jack is determined to kill Michael, and Lucifer gives a great speech to his son, “Sometimes doing the right thing, can go wrong.” They all join forces to rescue these people back to the rift, but at the end of this episode Michael shows up after everyone got safe into the rift. Lucifer steps back forward and attacks Michael, but unfortunately, Michael is stronger. He faces Gabriel, yelling for the Winchesters to go, he doesn’t want to run away as he did on earth. Final heartbreaking moments, Gabriel is killed and a hurt Lucifer is abandoned by Sam, given no other option than to strike a deal with Michael to get the hell out of that place. He faces his dead brother sad. So yeah Lucifer has no emotions, sure. 

“Let the Good Times Roll” is the last episode of this season, and man what an episode. It’s probably going to make me angry and in tears re-watching this now. Bear with me.

Jack is reunited with Luci, which claims that Sam said Michael killed him, and Lucifer confirms that he was the one that left him behind, surprisingly Lucifer admits he had it coming, after what he did to Sam, and that he is back because of Jack. Lucifer and Jack understand one thing in common, no matter how hard they try, something always goes wrong around humans. Lucifer tells his son he wants to leave, there is a vast universe out there to explore. The archangel delivers an introspection to help Jack out when he has doubts about leaving TFW behind; “You have to live your life for you.” Once again Lucifer is correct. It’s his individualist character that made me fall in love with him. 

Lucifer wants to leave because it’s not worth it to dwell on the past, but it’s time to move on and start a new life. He needs a new beginning, and he wants to build something with his son. Having a dad and son moment admiring the stars, Jack receives Sam’s prayer, they’re in danger because Michael is back. Jack discovers the truth about the deal Lucifer struck with Michael and also comes across the fact that Lucifer killed Maggie (he brought her back moments previously because Jack asked before leaving with Lucifer), so the Nephilim controls Lucifer’s mind for a second to obtain the truth, and for that he calls him a monster, disowning him as his dad. Without anything to lose, Lucifer’s red eyes glow and he screams like he never screamed before, taking Jack’s grace and becoming more powerful. Knowing how Lucifer does reckless things when he is angry and hurt is an understatement. I hated that the writers made Lucifer kill this random girl, just because he is “evil”.

That’s when I realized the redemption arc wasn’t an option for Lucifer.

And now my heart breaks even more.

Lucifer’s reckless and impulsive actions increase due to hurt and betrayal, he punches Sam and Jack in this church, when Sam claims Jack is family, Lucifer complaints about that concept, he never felt the blood connection, his brothers tried to kill him a lot, and his father left him. 

Suddenly, the archangel Michael appears, but he is wearing Dean Winchester, turns out he made a deal to save them. Lucifer and Michael fight again, I guess I never imagine this famous fight being the way it is represented in this episode…Lucifer almost kills Dean/Michael because he is more powerful than ever – It is bad that I wanted Lucifer to win this time? After all of what he endured, he deserved something good in his life. Sure not this way, but a valid redemption arc.

The inevitable happens, and when Lucifer is focused on beating him, Sam passes the archangel blade and when Dean/Michael is almost gone, he manages to stab Lucifer in the heart. Lucifer’s wings appear burned on the floor, the Devil is now dead. As I write this, my tears are falling all over my face. I’m too emotional about Lucifer.

The fourteenth season brings Nick, who is not dead, and survived. I won’t write about him, but I will make a separate article about Lucifer’s vessel.

I’m taking a few notes on some aspects that I considered important for Lucifer’s appreciation/psychology.

Nick admitted to Jack that Lucifer truly loved Jack, and he broke his heart; he felt Lucifer’s love for his son. We almost have our archangel back again, because Nick tried to resurrect Lucifer, and damn wasn’t I excited about it. A soulless Jack interrupts the reunion between Nick and Luci and the angel is back to the empty.

After this, Lucifer shows as a hallucination inside Jack’s mind, soulless and after killing Nick and Mary, I acknowledge the impulsive and recklessness that he inherited from Lucifer. Lucifer acts with reason, knowing that Jack created him because Lucifer tells the truth. That the Winchesters won’t ever trust him again, after killing their mother. When they lock Jack, Lucifer made his son open his eyes, because he was tricked by them, if they trusted him, they wouldn’t put him in the box. 

The last season of Supernatural has God – Chuck as the ultimate and final villain, and that confirms what I knew already. He controlled everyone and everything, so Lucifer was right about his Old Man from the beginning. God wanted the Devil, he wanted a purpose villain for his stories, he never cared for anyone, he was a true narcissistic character.

Sure Lucifer shares some resemblances, but at least he tried to change and do better and found love – his son.

Cas confronts Michael, affirming that Lucifer at least knew God couldn’t be trusted, and he was always the smart one. 

Lucifer’s last appearance on Supernatural, was in episode nineteen, he is back from the empty to help the boys to fight Chuck? The return is bittersweet, Lucifer and Michael are still not on good terms, even after his big brother knows the truth about their dad, he had no love to give. Supposedly the empty was the one that let Lucifer out, but was Chuck, when Lucifer makes this revelation, he asks his son if he wants to join him and Chuck, but Michael kills him when Lucifer gets distracted.

To say I wasn’t disappointed in the end, would be a lie. I was hoping to see Lucifer joining Team Free Will, along with his brothers, to fight Chuck, because of the reasons I explained above – Lucifer was always right. So, I guess the redemption arc was never at the table.

My final notes are, that no one is innocent. Even the Winchesters killed a lot of innocent people. Lucifer deserved a second chance, and I dare you to say no when you read this because I wrote and pointed out the smallest details, of his actions and analyzed his character.

The impact I felt while re-watching all of these scenes, made me realize how heartbroken I still am for this archangel. He is not just a character for me, it’s a connection, a whole relatable feeling of I’m there with him. I wanted the redemption arc for him, I still do. Might as well write a script for him.

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Rose Richards