Why the American Capitalist Party is different from libertarianism

Mark replied on Twitter to correct someone who described the American Capitalist Party as ‘the libertarian party but with the drugs and gay marriage stripped out.’ It’s a helpful summary that points out some of the unique selling points of the American Capitalist Party that are missing from Libertarianism.

1) gay marriage and drugs would be legal with us too 2) consistent libertarians (anarchists) think the state is evil BECAUSE it’s a state; don’t believe in objective ethics; think force is a market commodity; decouple liberty from reason; are rationalists (decouple concepts from reality). So the inviolability of rights translates to it is within a parents right to starve their child; or that society can never use force against a convicted murderer; or that a legally insane person cannot be committed against his will. We are nothing like them because we understand the relationship between politics and ethics and between liberty and reason.

Mark Pellegrino