Lucifer’s toxic relationship with his dad

Did it make sense for Lucifer to support God at the end?

“No, But I think god — dad — and Lucifer had a very pathological relationship, right? I think in the end, as much as Lucifer hated his father, there’s nothing more he wanted than his approval. And that’s a hard place to be. Have you ever been in that place before? Can you relate to that that idea where you’re in a toxic relationship with somebody, you shouldn’t be in the relationship because it’s so fucking toxic, but you need the approval of this person for some reason you can’t put your finger on. Is that what happened to you? I feel like I should be hearing more yeses! It’s a horrible place to be, and that’s the place Lucifer was with his father. That kind of illogic irrationality, neurotic emotion is what propelled him. And he also wanted to be powerful, and he liked to be the center of attention. So his father’s actions made him narcissistic, which he confesses in one episode. That narcissism, that desire to be the center of the universe, the center of attention, also played a part in it; his father appealed to that narcissism to get him to do what he wanted him to do, which is just sick. The more I’m talking about my dad, the more I don’t like him. How many people here don’t like my dad?”

Mark Pellegrino

Did you have a wish for a final arc for Lucifer?

“Yeah I did want him to have a redemption arc. But only one writer wanted that and none of you did. It’s possible they were hip to that and wanted Lucifer to always remain the bad guy. The thing that I thought was really unconventional about Supernatural is that it rewrote those biblical mythologies. Those narratives changed in a really cool way. Lucifer was certainly a dark character and flawed, but you understood where he was coming from. You could go, ‘yeah I get that, man; I’d be pissed too!’ Over time over time it changed from like Count of Monte Cristo getting revenge to, I don’t know, Donald Trump, some caricature of evil. So I don’t know where I was going with that, but I did want him to have that.”

Mark Pellegrino