No individual can or should be sacrificed for a ‘greater’ anything

“Both sides (right and left) are the SAME. They only disagree on whom should be sacrificed to the ‘greater good’. My principles are that no individual can or should be sacrificed for a ‘greater’ anything. There is no greater than you. Your values are your world. They are not the means to others’ ends. The left wants to sacrifice ‘you’ to the eco state… to the world… to those with ‘less’ (a problem they create)… the right wants to sacrifice you to god, country, duty to the nation… I say both are awful and essentially (fundamentally) the SAME. Who cares if the instrument of your death is a knife or a hammer. You’re still dead. Leftism is a death ideology. Rightism is just a reaction to the left. It’s says. We agree that killing peeps for a cause is good. Just do it more slowly. Not all at once. Fabian style.”

Mark Pellegrino

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