Lucifer’s fight with Michael

What’s the most physically demanding moment you’ve had filming Supernatural?

“When they put you in these wires to make you look like you fly, you have a girdle that goes from the bottom of your chest all the way down to your knees, and they string you into that thing so tight you can’t really straighten up. And then they haul you around the room in it. The effect of that is to make you look utterly ridiculous if you’re doing anything physical at all. So that climactic scene with Michael and Lucifer where they fly through the air like Superman a la 1980, and hockey fight each other with single punches to the face while they’re going around in the air, was just physically weird. You have no purchase. You’re not touching anything on the ground. You can’t run, as you’ll notice if you watch that. I run like the old man on the Carol Burnett Show because I couldn’t move in it. So the fight went from really good to utterly ridiculous in the flying moments. And it was difficult to do, just because you have no coordination over your body.”

Mark Pellegrino, Dragon Con 2021