Family don’t end in blood

In response to a Twitter family shout-out by Rose…

“This whole experience has been a massive surprise. Who could have imagined a show like that, that was only supposed to go five seasons would go 15? And then generate an audience, not only an audience but people who feel connected to each other, not just through the bonds of the show, but through the bonds of the theme of the show, and then through personal experiences with all of us? It’s very intimate. I think these conventions are a great experience. I love connecting with you guys; it’s my favorite thing in the world to do, to be honest with you. Right? I mean, you guys are the reason we’re up here, and I love sharing my experiences with you and hope that it brings you value and makes you happy. And maybe I’ll say something that makes you think in a different way, and you’ll say something that makes me think in a different way. And it’s all beautiful and nice.”

Mark Pellegrino