Lucifer was fun to play

Did Mark like playing Lucifer or Nick better?

“Lucifer. There was a lightness to Lucifer, especially the later Lucifer. The earlier Lucifer was a much more nuanced character. But once he because funny, became the jokester, it was just fun to play. It was like being a big three-year-old all the time. No filter. I could do anything I wanted and there were no consequences. Nobody would spank me. Because I was too powerful. So that was fun. Nick was burdened by guilt over not being there for his family, and then by a power lust. By the desire to have no limits the way Lucifer had. He became intoxicated by the power, so I can’t think of anything really positive motivating Nick. he was scary because he was real too. There’s something twisted in you if you go to a guy’s house and beat him to death with a hammer. I’d say you need therapy. But Lucifer could do that and get away with it. It would be very different. And I don’t think Lucifer would do that.” [Audience member points out Lucifer tortured Sam]. “That’s different! Because it’s Sam!”

Mark Pellegrino