Seven times Mark Pellegrino played a dad on TV

Happy Father’s Day to our favourite dad! As well as being a step-dad, and a dad to Frankie, Jonnie and Cody, Mark is THE BEST adopted dad/mentor/role model anyone could have. He is so kind and caring; it’s no wonder so many of Mark’s fans look up to him and turn to him for advice.


This counts as two as Nick and Lucifer were both dads. Lucifer offered his son the whole universe and it still wasn’t enough.

13 Reasons Why

There’s not much Bill Standall wouldn’t do to protect his son.

Joint Body

Nick Burke would give anything for his daughter.

The Returned

Jack Winship’s life fell apart when his daughter died. It didn’t get any less complicated when she came back.

Locke & Key

Even in death, Rendell Locke tried to warn his son to stay away from danger.


Paul Bennett just wanted his family back together.

American Rust

Mark’s new character, Virgil Poe, is a dad too … let’s see what the show brings!