Mark Pellegrino on taking a stand

I enjoyed Mark’s appearance on Matt Kibbe’s Kibbe on Liberty Podcast. There were so many interesting topics discussed during their discussion. One of my favourites is when Mark was asked if he’s always been outspoken, because he expresses opinions that don’t align with the mainstream in Hollywood.

Mark said he doesn’t usually share his views on set unless someone asks him specific questions, but he’s very open. He started being outspoken when he got on social media around 2013 and noticed the rise of bully culture. When he saw people being intimidated online, he decided to bring his schoolyard knowledge into play and fight back to make bullies think twice about attacking.

His first disagreements online were around the conflict between Israel and Palestine; he’d noticed a lot of intellectuals and lefties were being abusive in the way they attacked arguments and decided to take a stand. Afterwards, he continued speaking up in other areas of philosophy and politics.

It sounds like Mark has a great balance.

Source: Kibbe on liberty (20 minutes in)