The Land of Opportunity

“When the dust bowl happened (thanks to drought and FDR’s programs of paying farmers let let land lie fallow) poor migrants (oakies) moved west for better opportunities. When the south oppressed blacks with Jim Crow Segregation and Cultural Racism poor blacks moved north and west in the Great Migration and those who chose to stay started thriving communities despite evil laws. Poor Mexicans, Hondurans, Ecuadorians, and Venezuelans move north for opportunities because none exists in their own countries. They endure dangerous jungles, desserts, and river crossings, murderous cartels and other bandits to come to the promised land. These people were and are exponentially poorer than any American could imagine. And yet they pick up stakes, move, and start a new life. Now Americans want to stay where they are and have resources chase them. They actually seek out being wards of the state and their employers. Where the brave men and women of the past and present day immigrants sought independence, and dignity. The sheltered in America seek to avoid the pain that comes with change and The struggle that is followed by victory because their political overlords have told them they shouldn’t have to move or improve or offer more value for a better life. We are quickly becoming Europe. And losing the rugged individualism that made America and Americans truly exceptional. C’est la vie.”

Mark Pellegrino