Can Objectivists influence the culture through art?

Mark Pellegrino Advent Calendar Day 22

Video Transcript

Yeah. I think objectivists are already influencing the culture because social media has enabled them to magnify their voice so far beyond what they’ve been able to do in the past, even with some great non-fiction writing. And when you get folks like Don Watkins out there dipping their toe in the realm of fiction, then that’s how you pass the medicine of philosophy off with that spoonful of narrative sugar that’s what makes it go down so much easier than a work of philosophy or an essay on a current event. So we don’t have more than Don out there now that I know of. Robert Heinlein seems to be in that camp; he’s gone of course, but his writing isn’t. There’s another mystery writer who passed away, but her writing is very much influenced by Ayn Rand and I’m sure it had some effect on on some folks. But certainly the more people we get out there in the fiction world, the better since one or two objectivists against a thousand collectivists seem to do quite a number.

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