Mark Pellegrino on Living and Thriving

People often make uninformed assumptions about Mark’s political alignment.

I’m a contrarian voice on social media. If I see you supporting Trump like an idiot, I come out, and I nail your ass to the wall. If I see you anti-Trump like an idiot, I nail your ass to the wall. All to show those folks that they’re both wrong!

Mark isn’t aligned with either left or right; he’s a classical liberal who values reason and individualism:

Everybody’s happiness is an end, and nobody is a means to anybody else’s end. You’re not obligated by some mythical social contract to serve the purposes of somebody else. The contract is one of laissez-faire; it’s one of ‘I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me.’ ‘You stay out of my business; I’ll stay out of yours,’ because you have a mind and the capacity to act on your thinking. And it’s your right to act on your thoughts in order to live and thrive because the object of your life should be your life’s thriving.

Source: Mark Pellegrino on The Chrissie Mayr Podcast #102