Is Mark Pellegrino happy?

Mark Pellegrino Advent Calendar Day 23

Video Transcript

Yes. Yes. But I’ve had to adjust what that means based on my personality and my own peculiar ceilings and floors. I’ve found that most people look at happiness and love and pretty much every value in the world wrong, and that’s why they’re chronically unhappy and fall out of love, and don’t know how to sustain relationships. Because they don’t look at human life as a long-term thing, they focus on emotions, which are immediate, not lasting. But anything in human life comes from a long-term vision and actions that are taken in the context of the long term. And when you keep your your vision on the long term, your eye on the prize so to speak, you’re much, much, much happier and you can accept the little losses and the pains in the process of living, because you know where you’re going.

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