Would Mark Pellegrino prefer Heaven or Hell?

Mark was asked if he thought he would go to Heaven or Hell, and, if he went to Hell, whether he’d be torturing or getting tortured.

Unsurprisingly, Mark challenged the question, saying maybe he doesn’t believe in either and thinks this is the only life and then it just ends.

But if he has no choice, would Mark be the torturer or torturee?

I’m not a catcher. I’m a pitcher all the way.

Mark Pellegrino, SPN Las Vegas

Skipping past the baseball reference, Mark doesn’t think Heaven sounds very interesting, and Hell sounds fucked. Quite.

So Mark doesn’t like those options, and has a much better idea: live the best life you possibly can right here and right now. Love the people around you and leave the world in a better place. And then that’s it. Enjoy the big Empty.

Watch the panel or read more text highlights: Mark Pellegrino SPNLV2020

Photo: Somewhere between Heaven and Hell, Supernatural S12E15