What did Mark Pellegrino say about George Floyd?

Mark Pellegrino spoke in support of George Floyd on his Twitter feed, condemning the actions of the police officer who killed him and sharing plans to set up a fund to help his family.

Mark is passionate about individual rights, and it’s clear this is something he cares deeply about. As is usual on Twitter, some people chose to attack Mark without reading his comments — and in the case of some sick trolls, harass Mark in an attempt to increase their own standing on social media. Mark responded to many of these comments but asked people to focus their efforts more productively.

Mark also made it clear he supports petitions, peaceful protests and following due process to get justice. He condemns violence against innocent people and attacks on innocent people’s livelihoods.

Mark wants change, rationality in response to violence, and principles to be upheld.

Hardly a day goes by without Mark tweeting in favour of individualism and individual rights, which is one of the reasons Mark’s responses to this terrible incident are so much more thoughtful and considered than most — and consistent with his regular discussions and debates on Twitter.