Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: All Tomorrow’s Parties

What happened in this episode?

After learning he’s one of the Tomorrow People, Stephen Jameson started working for his uncle Jedikiah at Ultra — the organisation that hunts and controls the Tomorrow People — as a double agent. Stephen’s powers in telekinesis, teleportation and telepathy are increasing through his training, but Jedikiah is not impressed.

Is Jedikiah just a hard taskmaster or does he care about his nephew? It’s never clear with Jedikiah; he clearly has a lot going on — like talking to a mysterious person who is also taking an interest in Stephen’s training. Jedikiah says he’s not ready — ready for what?

Meanwhile, Stephen has a mission for the Tomorrow People. Irene, a 17-year-old geneticist, may be able to counter the serum Ultra uses to remove the Tomorrow People’s powers — if Stephen can steal one of the vials.

Trouble is brewing with Kurt, one of the other young Tomorrow People, who’s in trouble for visiting his mom and jealous that Stephen can see his family.

Stephen manages to pocket the serum just as Jedikiah shows up and tells him about a trip to headquarters. Mark plays understated intimidation so well — Jedikiah is not someone to be messed with!

Cara jaunts John for the team to leave the lair for a night out — and wins — but Stephen is more worried about giving away information about the Tomorrow People when he visits HQ. Jedikiah tells Stephen he’ll be fine if he’s honest — but it’s the truth Stephen’s worried about sharing.

Stephen is meant to be taking Astrid to a school dance, but Jedikiah has other plans.

Astrid follows Stephen, and Stephen is caught up in Ultra business.

The night out is a trap!

Stephen thinks he gave something away during his visit to HQ, but it turns out Kurt — who was saved by the Tomorrow People — was caught by Ultra during another visit to his mom and gave them up.

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