What’s it like playing the bad guy?

“I never play the bad guy. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the good guy! I’m going for what I want, and it’s the Winchesters who keep me from getting what I want. That’s my story! And if you think about it, 911, has anybody seen it? There’s a spoiler coming here, I give my life for my son; right. At the end, I’m a bad guy doing a very noble thing. And Lost, everyone thinks that Jacob is god. Only in the Supernatural world does god mean something really bad. I think most people look at the Jacob character as the good guy. Am I wrong? Well, I personally, I would listen to the Man in Black when he was speaking and I would go, ‘yeah, nothing wrong with that. I kind of like that!’ I did think Jacob had a poor moral code, but there are others who think he was god. Maybe god has a poor moral code, I don’t know. He was mixed because he did kill his brother in a fit of anger. And so I don’t know what to think about Jacob. I haven’t even seen the show. I plan on it though. It’s been long enough that I should probably see it at this point. Who here liked like the ending of Lost? Nobody liked the ending? You guys are hard. There’s a dog in the ending of Lost, I just spoiled it. Any dog that lays down with his master and goes the way his master goes, and I’m done. I broke down crying. For me the ending was great. I didn’t even see the show but I’ve seen the ending.”

Mark Pellegrino