Mark Pellegrino on wealth

‘Wealth is more than a bank account. It’s the countless things that contribute to the quality of life of every single person fortunate enough to be in relatively free state. For example. The wealthy always had music to entertain them… books (such as they were to read) they had others to do their labor for them so they could focus on ‘higher’ pursuits… while to poor toiled for subsistence, and went to bed when the sun went down. Liberty unleashed the mind and brought with it exponential innovation. What did this mean? The poor could be entertained by the greatest orchestras in the world with a flick of a button. Now literally EVERY great book in the history of civilization can be downloaded to a single device, often for free. Countless devices enable most to cook faster, clean faster, and buy new clothes every year instead of wearing the same shirt till it falls off. It enables the people in the lowest working class in America to live better than the wealthiest men only six decades ago. And above all, it allows for REAL dignity… which is liberty. Not stuff. FREEDOM. Freedom is the real wealth. Not only because of the dynamic human potentials it unleashes (which should be but aren’t self evident for tons of reasons), but because it comports with the spiritual need of the human mind…’