Playhouse Paris

I had the pleasure of watching Tracy and Mark teach at their school Playhouse Paris last week. If you’re not already aware, Tracy and Mark have both taught the Meisner Technique to actors for many years in LA and Paris. The degree of teaching excellence was very cool to see — the students at Playhouse Paris are extremely fortunate to have the combined expertise of Tracy and Mark available to them!

The class size and setting are fab. There are enough students that each gets to work with a variety of other actors, but not so many that there isn’t time for everyone to spend a good amount of time working in class. Each student has individual work, advice and preparation appropriate for their level.

The ‘classroom’ is a theatre. The stage was set up with three groups of chairs and tables for the students to rearrange and use as necessary. Students work on stage while Tracy and Mark usually watch from the front row. Frankie was there too — he was quiet and very well behaved, though he obviously wanted to go to Mark when he was on stage working with students, which was very cute!

The rest of the class and any observers watch from the remaining rows of audience seating — which is where I was. Watching the class was a brilliant experience, which I’ll post about soon.

If you’re interested in studying at Playhouse Paris, check out the website:

Photo: @MarkRPellegrino