Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural: Abandon All Hope

In season 4 episode 10, we get to know Lucifer a little better — and he’s not what you’d expect. Appreciates loyalty. Curious about human modes of transport. Rebelled against Heaven. He’s just like Castiel! And, just like Castiel, he needs a human vessel … his preference just happens to be for this season’s Sam Winchester. It’s rather hypocritical of Castiel to dislike his brother for that.

Lucifer is so patient …with the Winchesters …with Castiel.

Dean is such a bully. Poor Luci. I suppose he’s the bad guy for smacking Dean back.

Lucifer has amazing confidence, and a devil’s gotta do what a devil’s gotta do. Did Sam already lose his soul? He is really lacking in empathy.

Lucifer’s vessel might not be able to contain him for much longer, but he still has it.

Hello, Death? That doesn’t sound like good news for Sam and Dean.