Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Episode 13 Things Fall Apart

In the previous episode, Ultra sent a kill squad after Stephen’s friend Astrid. She was rescued by John (Luke Mitchell). Stephen (Robbie Amell) is not happy with Uncle Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino).

Jedikiah: Stephen, I know I’ve told you before how I feel about…

Stephen: You sent a kill squad after my best friend, tried to gun her down, in cold blood. She is a civilian!

Jedikiah: Astrid Finch was seen consorting with a known rogue paranormal.

Stephen: She met John through me, accidentally. Before we parted ways. She is no threat to Ultra.

Jedikiah: Well, I wish that was the case. Sadly, it’s not. Any coordination between a paranormal and a human poses a threat. It is my job to eliminate those threats. It’s standard protocol.

Stephen: We had a deal. I agreed to work for Ultra, you promised my friends and family would be safe.

Jedikiah: And our deal did not include you revealing your powers to a high school girl. Now, perhaps if you had shown a little bit more discretion, she wouldn’t be in this situation, would she?

Stephen: Okay, maybe it is my fault. But I still need to erase her name from the system.

Jedikiah: Not gonna happen.

Stephen: Then I quit.

Jedikiah: Really? Is that wise? You think you can strong-arm me?

Stephen: After what you just did? You and me. We’re done!

That went well.

Meanwhile, Astrid isn’t happy being stuck in Tomorrow People HQ — she can’t even call her father — and Stephen drops a bombshell when he tells The Tomorrow People their spy just quit working for Ultra.

Stephen has been making contact with an unknown paranormal. This is unusual as it’s normally Cara who makes contact with breakouts.

The Founder: I’d be less concerned with the supposed breakout, and more concerned about the absence of your nephew. Where is Mr. Jameson?

Jedikiah: He quit.

The Founder: See, that word implies he had a choice in the matter.

Jedikiah: Yes. Well, you and I both know he’s a little hardheaded. Like his father. But he’ll come around eventually.

The Founder: Oh, I think it’ll be far sooner than that.

The Founder catches up with Stephen and promises to call off the kill squad if Stephen brings in the rogue paranormal, Cassandra Smythe — who just happens to be The Founder’s daughter.

Jedikiah: You got a minute? I’d like to talk.

Stephen: About what?

Jedikiah: There are those within our organization who don’t take too kindly to quitters, Stephen.

Stephen: The Founder? Is this when you remind me what happened to my dad? You can save it. I’ll take my chances.

Jedikiah: Given your history, I would expect you to be a little bit more cautious. And if he’s contacted you in any way, I would expect you to tell me.

Stephen: I don’t have to tell you anything. I don’t work for you anymore.

Jedikiah: I’m sorry about what happened to Astrid, I truly am, but I am warning you, The Founder is nobody to be trifled with. And any promises he makes you, are meant to serve his purposes alone.

Jedikiah: If you are truly sorry, you would do something about it.

Stephen: Thank you for your concern.

Jedikiah: Regardless of what you think of me, I’ve never lied to you.

Stephen locates Cassandra through their connection, and goes there with the intention of setting a trap. It soon becomes clear she’s the one calling the shots.

Stephen takes Cassandra to the lair, where he finds out Cassandra wanted to be found — and she wants Ultra to remove her powers. There’s no love lost between Cassandra and her father, “My Dad takes ruthlessness to a whole new level.”

Over at Ultra, Marla (Sarah Clarke), Stephen’s mom, gives Jed a piece of her mind.

Jedikiah:How many times have I told you, I don’t like people barging in to… Uh, that’s fine, she’s family.

Marla: So this is Ultra.

Jedikiah: Marla, had I known you were coming, I would have arranged for a warmer welcome.

Marla: Save it.

Jedikiah: So, I suppose you’re here to talk about Stephen.

Marla: Why did he quit?

Jedikiah: What did he tell you?

Marla: Lies. Lies that he learned from you.

Jedikiah: I don’t know what you’re implying.

Marla: Where’s Astrid?

Jedikiah: I’m sorry, refresh me. What’s an “Astrid”?

Marla: Stephen’s friend. The two of you were talking about her last night at my house.

Jedikiah: Marla, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. But if you want me to get in touch with my friend at the Bureau…

Marla: You have a history of making people disappear.

Jedikiah: If you’re talking about your husband…

Marla: You know I am. Now, I am warning you. If anything happens to Astrid, or Stephen, or anyone close to us, I’m gonna go to the police, and the newspapers, and I’m gonna use every resource at my disposal to come after you and Ultra, and take you down.

Jedikiah: Before you do anything rash… Go to hell, Jed.

The Founder: I’m sorry. Have we met?

Marla: No.

The Founder: Always been your Achilles’ heel, hasn’t it? Family.

Jedikiah: I guess we all have our soft spots.

Cassandra’s memories have been tampered with and Stephen returns to Ultra, alone. The Founder is planning to make Stephen talk when Cassandra teleports in as if that was the plan all along.

Stephen is free to go. The Founder tells Stephen Astrid is free to return to her normal life — then sends a kill squad after her as soon as Stephen leaves.

Cassandra, drugged by The Founder, manages to warn Stephen telepathically. Stephen shows up at Astrid’s location and sees the aftermath — his mom stopping the kill squad’s bullets with her powers.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you sooner,” doesn’t really cover it! Like Cassandra, Stephen is the son of two Tomorrow People.