The Daily Objective: can cities survive the lockdowns?

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  • Uncertainty is a big element in how we move forward — or not. 
  • The powers that be are contributing to the uncertainty on every level which inspires us, and incentivises us, to live in the moment and not plan for the future, which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Cities could survive the lockdowns if they rebel.
  • The powers that be have put us in a conflict where we have to give up living and producing values — which is our way of living — in order to stem this pandemic.
  • We have to be free to produce and create wealth in order to stem the pandemic, otherwise we get in this self-perpetuating vicious cycle where we become poor and more dependent. Less flexible, less adaptive. And that creates more room for disasters like this to dominate us rather than for us to use our unique human capacities to overcome the disaster. 
  • Flattening the curve was originally intended to keep the hospital system from being overwhelmed. It was inflexible in the first place because government programmes gutted it.
  • The elimination of government interference allowed private companies to step up and create a vaccine in record time. 
  • Since we’ve learned that vaccines are produced more quickly through the private sector, can’t we also make the assumption that it would be distributed more quickly through Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens… private distributors?
  • This pandemic has shown the political class what it can and can’t do and how willing people are to give up their freedoms for what they think is safety.
  • The media portrayed people who were trying to espouse and promote liberty as rednecked toothless fools. They conflated liberty with stupidity, and that became a meme on social media.
  • Property is too abstract for the left or the right to really understand. Your body is a real thing in space. It’s easier to see that this is something to protect and defend. The left defends it their way with pro-choice. The right defends it with guns. Property is an artifice; something our minds place on the world that’s indivisible and we artificially divide it up. They’re both wrong.
  • We need to be free and wealthy to overcome any obstacles that confront us, and we do that by preserving rights and liberties. Free people are the only people who can innovate and confront challenges. We can’t survive restraints for long.