Mark Pellegrino talks about video games

In an interview from 2015, Mark talked about his love of video games and a read through for The Last of Us the movie. I wonder what Mark’s current favourites are — perhaps that’s something to ask at Dark Light Online in a couple of weeks!

I love video games. I finished The Last of Us. [Mark didn’t have the DLC the interviewer mentioned]. I was actually on location, so we were subletting an apartment that had a Playstation, so I was just working with what I had.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this. I went to a read-through of the movie version of The Last of Us at Screen Gems. I was playing a different part [from Joel, who the interviewer suggested Mark could play]. It was definitely fun, interesting. I met the creators. It was pretty awesome, and I had to gush, and I was a little starstruck because that game is the best game on the planet.

I also did a lot of Left for Dead. I like the first one better than the second because the characters are better. And that trailer, in the beginning, is just so awesome.

I’ve just started The Evil Within. It’s sick! It’s wrong. And 4 is my favourite Resident Evil. What I loved about Resident Evil 4 is when you can get the Chicago typewriter and just go to town. And the infinite rocket launcher, and just kick the crap out of everything. That was my favourite. I went through Resident Evil 4 like 50 times. It’s great.

Source: Mark Pellegrino in conversation with World War G, February 2015.