Supernatural is fuel for your life

“When you’re in this business, it’s sometimes a little difficult to put your finger on the value that you bring to the world. Because it’s intangible, you know, joy and escape, and even seeing heroic values acted out, concretised on the screen, those are things that you can’t put your finger on, but they’re very, very important. They’re the fuel for your life; that’s what art is. And I am saying Supernatural is art. It’s a form of art. It’s fuel for your life, and you can look at whatever’s going on in your life and say, hey, these two orphans who had the world against them, the whole universe, even god, they were able to do it, maybe I can too. It’s great to see that hope reflected in other people, that you actually got that from the show and that it actually gave you strength at a time that might have been very difficult or unendurable without it, makes me feel like I’m a part, even a small part, but still a part of something very valuable. And on a personal level, I love talking to you guys. I love talking about ideas. I love connecting with you guys; I do it on social media. I get in fights with people who deserve it. But I also give love to people. I give you what you give me. And I enjoy it because I love people. And the Supernatural fam are great people.”

Mark Pellegrino, Dragon Con (Friday) 2021