Tickets still available to meet Mark Pellegrino and other Supernatural stars at DLC Online

There are still tickets available for the Dark Light Online convention, which is being held on the 7th and 8th of November — the weekend originally intended for the rescheduled DLC convention.

It’s great that People Con have put this together! They’ve quickly organised an event that will bring a bit of joy to the fans in a year where most in-person events have been cancelled or postponed. They won’t get everything right, particularly online, which is still new to them, but they’re doing their best (in very difficult circumstances, as the lovely Tom says in Caffeine!)

These are the current prices for Mark’s sessions and extras:

Panel: 30 euro
Autograph: 62 euro
Video message: 72 euro
Meet and Greet (30 minutes): 102 euro
One on One (3 minutes): 102 euro

You can also book for Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Rob Bendict, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard. Hopefully enough fans will support this event that People Con and other businesses will want to organise other online events while we’re waiting for the world to reboot.

Here’s the text posted by Brice Reggiori in the Dark Light Facebook group:

We have come back to you, as promised, regarding the price reductions for the THEC Online and DLC Online events. We know many of you are frustrated and feel we have not been clear. There have been some misunderstandings, which we will explain below.First of all, please note that none of the guests announced at these events receive a guarantee. This means that they are paid according to their number of sales. When we spoke with Illumina Productions, we agreed that the prices should be the same or lower than the shows in the United States. When we do a normal show, we pay a very good fee for a set number of services. Because the talent was willing to not take a fee or a guarantee of sales, the prices are not the same as at a live event, we wanted to make sure that the talent was compensated for their time, not just the service.Illumina Productions, Julie Caitlin Brown, sent us the Creation prices, but there was a misunderstanding. She sent the prices without currency. She was thinking in dollars when we thought it was already in Euro. When we discovered the mistake the prices have been adjusted.Regarding the panels. Because we have expenses to run the panels, staff and the ZOOM costs, we needed to charge for them, not to make a profit, to cover costs. The actors will not receive anything from the panels, that is what Julie meant when she said the panels were free. FREE to the PEOPLE CON, not free to the fans. But Illumina knows what it costs to have an interactive ZOOM experience so that you can ask questions in real time, it is quite expensive. There had to be a charge and we hope you appreciate that now the group panel will be INCLUDED if you bought an EVENT ticket.This leads us to talk about compensation for people who bought before the prices were reduced. After discussion with our team and the agents we are very happy to be able to offer you a voucher for the difference that will be usable on any of the online events dedicated to Once Upon A Time and Supernatural. To use it, it’s very simple: just send an email to, attach the relevant e-ticket and let us know what extra you want in exchange. You will receive your new e-ticket or a discount code accordingly. A partial refund was not possible since we would have had to refund the full amount of the ticket, these are the rules of the ticketing company. We would then have to refund the entire ticket, this would add cost, and make it very difficult to make sure that the fans were able to get the services they wanted. We have listen to you and now you will be able to have a credit for the difference in the new pricing.These are the best and final prices and terms. Both People Con and Illumina wanted you to know that we all hoped to give you a fun event and to use any credits you had from the postponed live event as soon as possible. We hope you understand that if many of you still feel the show is too expensive, we have two solutions: You have the right to choose not to spend your money at this event. Or, if too many of you feel that the event is not worth it, we will cancel. Julie wanted to add: “We love all of you, we know how hard things are, the convention business has been crushed by COVID. We ask that you consider how stressful all these canceled shows, lost income, changes to dates, governments not being helpful, etc. have been for everyone. We hope to see you at a live event soon, we hope these changes make you feel heard and appreciated.”

Brice Reggiori, People Con