Political patronage

Let’s take the blue side first and show you how they aren’t about protecting ‘rights’ but political patronage.

1) rules (like voter ID) are a means of verifying votes. Not a violation of right. You have no right to fraudulently cast a ballot.

2) healthcare ain’t a right no good or service is a right unless you’re for involuntary servitude which was outlawed by the 13th amendment explicitly.

3) the ACA doesn’t make healthcare affordable and prices of drugs can’t be reduced by legislative fiat… but it can compel individuals to subsidize the healthcare of others (involuntary servitude and a violation of the 14th amendment or equal protections clause) again services are not rights. When politicians bestow them they become privileges to buy votes.

4) SS is a bust. It’s fraud. And it’s a Ponzi scheme. It’s also the means by which the political class hooks the ages and disabled into their voting constituency.

5) the left has no idea what this means (not does the right) and really wants to shore up a permanent voting base.

6) for over a hundred years local and state governments were on the hook for infrastructure. With the exception of military use federal infrastructure always becomes a boondoggle and a means of securing votes over real improvements.. see Burton fulsoms extensive work on this re the New Deal.

7) climate remedies means more fossil use (to improve climate mastery) and a switch to nuclear in the first world. RE’s are a parasitic waste… and cause energy scarcity and do MORE harm to the environment.

8) gov shouldn’t be in education and they make it bad, expensive and even dangerous.

9) affordable housing comes from a free market.. that means getting DB politicians out of the way so builders can meet demand. That also means fossil fuel production cause guess what, construction requires fossils.

10) fair tax is a flat tax and voluntary. Not the BS graduated monstrosity you probably endorse.

11) democracy and rule of law are antithetical. When you get past puberty you’ll see that in a democracy majority will trumps rule of law. So far your tribe sucks. I’ll get to the other after I do some work.

Mark Pellegrino