Don’t mess with Lucifer

When Mark heard that Lucifer had been recast …

‘I got a message on social media, ‘Mark they recast Lucifer.’ I was like, what? and then I saw an Entertainment Weekly article ‘Lucifer recast with Rick Springfield’. I like what the… I was so mad! I was on social media campaigning secretly to kick his ass. It just so happened I went in to read for The Exorcist, and it’s the same casting directors that do Supernatural. I walked into the office livid, like I was going to fucking kill somebody, and the casting director called me into his office. ‘Mark, I want you to know, you are Lucifer’ … they didn’t know I was doing a behind-the-scenes campaign to fuck up Rick Springfield. He showed me an internal email and said, ‘Lucifer has to bounce around a couple of bodies before it gets to you’, and I bawled. I was so mad that it came out in tears when I could finally release it. so I found out in an article at Comic Con.’

Mark Pellegrino