Nick wanted the Honeymoon

A fan asked Mark if it’s weird she felt bad for Nick when Lucifer was gone, and understood why he wanted him back.

Is it weird? Yes! I’m sorry… poor Nick! I think Nick was an innocent victim and he became enamoured of the power that he felt — and he thought there was a relationship there. The sad thing about Lucifer and Nick is it’s an unrequited relationship. He’s in love. He wants the honeymoon. And Lucifer’s using him. God, Lucifer. Such a bad guy. So yeah, I did feel badly for Nick. He never got his honeymoon and he so wanted it.

[Samantha Smith: it was more than that, right? His wife was gone…]

He rejected her for Lucifer. He had the opportunity to get closure and to save her from an eternity of being a ghost, like walking around in limbo stuck on the earth, and he turned it down because he wanted Lucifer more. He rejected her for Lucifer.

[Samantha Smith: I take it back!]

Mark Pellegrino