Watching Playback

‘I love playback! I used to hate it, and then I worked with Jeff Bridges, and he would watch playback between every scene. I watched him study what he was seeing, and I could see the application of his technique and instincts; he was combining both of them. You can feel a scene goes really well, and then watch playback and be like, ‘that’s not was what I was going for at all! What the fuck! That felt great! It looks terrible!’ So I would always have Brad playback in camera and watch, watch, watch. And if I didn’t like it say, ‘can we try at least one more?’ Then you have some control over the product because, as an actor on a show, you don’t necessarily have that. Once you’re done, it’s in fifty other people’s hands, and their interpretations of what you do may not be anything like yours. Sometimes their interpretation is way better than your vision could have been, but I’d like to have as much control as I can over what I’m doing.’

Mark Pellegrino

Mark discussed this in a panel after DJ said he won’t watch anything he’s in.