Jacob (Lost) and Lucifer (Supernatural)

How did playing Jacob in Lost prepare you for playing Lucifer?

“Not at all. I was doing Lucifer and Jacob at the same time, so I was working in Hawaii, and then I’d fly to Vancouver and then fly back to Hawaii. Back and forth. They were very different takes on the world and not so different takes on how to go about getting what you want because I think Jacob was very mission-oriented as well. And wouldn’t stop until he finished his experiment, so there was a certain synchronicity between the parts, but they didn’t inform each other. Other than to make me tired going back and forth. And I did do a whole episode with a bad tooth and on Vicodin, high on Vicodin. If you look at Lost and see which episode I’m high on Vicodin, I’m sure you can tell!”

Mark Pellegrino, Dragon Con (Friday) 2021