Mark Pellegrino on leaving California

Mark responded to a tweet from the Senator for California criticising Republicans:

I’m not a Republican and I think y’all blow. I guess the 100k plus middle class folks leaving Cali every year because your policies are bankrupting the state, and starving us of energy and resources isn’t enough of a wake up call? So… GET OUT.


In the ongoing discussion, Mark refuted an article that claims the exodus is a myth:

No it isn’t. My friends (natives all) are leaving the state. Income taxes here are the highest in the country. Every overpass has tent cities camped breath them, energy is expensive and we’re in chronic drought because fish runs take priority over people. Stop the tribalism.

They also do a bait and switch in the article. The talk about a multidimensional study and site surveys (a notoriously unreliable source of information). Leaving aside my own experiences (which has one wealth manager moving to Singapore and a dozen friends moving to other states and a few more considering it seriously for the first time EVER) why would the state legislature consider passing a permanent asset tax bill that followed any Californian around the world if he/she’s moved within the last ten years if they weren’t starving for revenue? Dump your tribe. They suck. And the news ain’t the other tribe’s disinformation. It’s the truth. Newsome sucks. He’s a bad man doing a bad job and it’s the life of California OR him.