Mark Pellegrino was outstanding as John Galt at the ARI Gala

Mark, along with four other actors, performed scenes from Atlas Shrugged — including three scenes from the ARI archives that were adapted by Ayn Rand herself.

Mark first appeared in a scene with Robert Deike as Eddie Willers. This is based on a section of the novel where Willers shares his thoughts with a railroad worker whose name he cannot recall even though they often eat together in the cafeteria.

Mark’s second and third scenes were with Sharron Anderson (Dagny Taggart), and he had a lot more lines in these. They were truly remarkable! The scenes take place just after Dagny Taggart meets John Galt (intentionally vague to avoid spoilers for those of you who have yet to read Atlas Shrugged!)

It was very entertaining, and the actors all did a fantastic job overcoming the challenge of acting via Zoom! Mark was outstanding as John Galt, so let’s hope the Ayn Rand Institute makes the video available so more people get to enjoy it.



Mark Pellegrino: John Galt
Anthony Crane: Hank Rearden
Robert Deike: Eddie Willers and Jim Taggart
Steven Schub: Francisco D’Anconia
Sharron Anderson: Dagny Taggart