Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Episode 15 Enemy of My Enemy

In this episode, Julian (James Mackay) is back — and he wants to strike a deal with Ultra.

Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) is interested … but he’s still Jedikiah.

And Jedikiah isn’t feeling it. Julian is though — ouch!

Isn’t that sweet! Jedikiah has prepared a headache cure for Julian.

Jedikiah’s not big on trust in this episode, and he’s keeping Stephen out of the loop.

Stephen fell in love with the wrong girl.

Julian has the information Jedikiah wants, but it’s still going to be on Jedikiah’s terms.

Julian wants a kill squad. Jedikiah agrees, but he doesn’t look happy about it.

Julian is worried that Jedikiah won’t keep his word, so he has Stephen along for the ride.

Jedikiah is trying to figure out how to pull this off without losing his nephew.

Jedikiah is not happy with this outcome.

Is that regret on Jedikiah’s face?

So, Stephen is safe and well. He’s not very kind to his Uncle Jed though.

Poor Jedikiah!