Mark Pellegrino talks about Lucifer and redemption

This interview from 2017 is a great Sunday read: Mark Pellegrino deconstructs ‘Supernatural’s’ Lucifer and redemption

Here’s a short extract:

You can’t act what isn’t there, but I always try to add different dimensions to a character, that I don’t necessarily see on the page. Redemption of a character like Lucifer – I’m not even sure what it means. Just think about it. Just because I see the mythology of Lucifer in our culture as one massive paradox, you know what I mean? On the one hand, there are these absolutely noble characters that he possesses, and if we saw them in a human being, we would say, “This man is a king of virtue.” His stubbornness, resilience, his insurmountable will and his sense of justice … and the thing that he’s probably put down for most, his sense of pride.

Mark Pellegrino deconstructs ‘Supernatural’s’ Lucifer and redemption